Facebook changes in Policies on Reporting peoples accounts

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i Recently have been Harassed by a member in the spirit guide Portraits and reading on a group on Facebook it took this person 4 months to send me this portrait and she gangs up on me to get her friends to report my account as fake which is unfair. It also hasnt only just happened to me but to others and it is unfair to deactivate someones account without proof the person is fake or evidence to bring forth to facebook to support why that person is reporting a personal profile i have now lost 6 years of photos, memories and childrens photos when they were babies loved ones and pets that have passed all because people can click report account and can destroy your profile by doing so i think proof should be provided this person accused first of all has done something wrong as in screenshots of harassment or being a scammer or fake as it isnt fair on that person having to then verify their account Facebook have been rude and unhelpfull unsympathetic and have treated me appaullingly and their policies need to change because of people who harass and bully others can get others to report an account via a click of a button and it isnt right it needs to be PROOF FIRST BEFORE ANY ACTION