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Facebook account memorialisation to only be completed by legacy contact

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Facebook states that any friends or family can submit a request to memorialise an account.
It sounds so simple and easy to do.
But does that person who requested the memorialisation, realise the affect it has on the remaining family, who are directly involved in the deceased persons life.
Most of the time it's a disgruntled family member, former partner or a cold hearted adult that's completed this request out of spite.

I'm a widow myself, out of the tens of thousands world wide and I like to keep my husbands account active in order for our young children to see posts, photos and read messages their father shared on his account as they were only 2 years old and 7 months old when their father unexpectedly passed away in a motorcycle accident on March 2nd 2016, so they have absolutely no memories of their dad and this Facebook account means everything to us.

I'm just one voice and one story out of the many heartbreaking losses men and women have endured.

Being able to memorialise an account shouldnt be left for anyone to do, as it's a massive decision that should only be made by the legacy contact.

So what I'm suggesting is that Facebook changes their rules.
That it should be mandatory for every account holder to add a legacy contact on their account and that legacy contact, is the only person who can submit the request to memorialise the account.

Please share and spread this petition to help grieving families heal, because something so minescule to some, is so significant to others.

Thank you.

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