Extortion, blackmail and cyberbullying must stop.

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On one lively evenning, one facebook user pretty contagious via Facebook live used bullying, coarsion, pressure and downplay method to exort 695$ from Nalule Shamira .pretty contagious invited Shamira on her live vedio that had more than 300 viewers and asked her to donate 2000$ to an upcoming event, The galpower under zella events, an event that had not given pretty contagious a right to collect money on its behalf. When shamira declained, pretty contagious started to belittle and intimidate  her saying she is poor and broke, she doesnt want to help the poor, that she claims to be rich yet she is poor and cant afford to even give  as little as 2000$ she assured her she was going to ashame her on social media ! With 300 viewers all mounting pressure on shamira, she sent 695$ to an account that pretty contagious dictated that she sends it to. When shamira got off the live vedio she thought about her actions and decided to cancel the transaction because she had acted under duress, fear and pressure .she also discovered this wasn't pretty contagious user account but a fraud star called. Godwin billy and thus her paypal account would be compromised. She did the right thing by reporting the transaction as being fraudent and acting under duress. By signing this pétition, you are helping shamira get justice against cyber bullying coarsion, Extortion and obtaining money using coarssive tactic by her oppressor  pretty contagious. We also need social media users to know that it is wrong to use coarsion, and intimidation to obtain money from individuals that fear blackmail, a vice that has cropped up and being used by bloggers, influencers and individuals with huge followings.