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Petitioning Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook

Facebook: Enforce Facebook community standards against hate speech targeting women

Recently, the Guardian published an article highlighting Facebook's lack of rigor in enforcing community standards by taking down pages purporting to be "humor" or "satire" on subjects such as rape and physical assault of women. According to this article (available at, "It was back in August that feminists first began to notice the proliferation of pro-rape pages on the popular social networking site. Two months later over 176,000 people have signed a US-based petition calling on Facebook to take them down, and nearly 4,000 people have signed a UK-based petition calling for the same. The Facebook pages, such as the one cited above and others that include "You know she's playing hard to get when your [sic] chasing her down an alleyway" still remain." Despite public outcry against these pages, Facebook has chosen to defend the pages as an acceptable form of humor.

According to Facebook, pages that market their aggressive hate speech against women as "humor" or "satire" should be permitted to keep their pages up, just as members of a community are permitted to tell "rude jokes" without social repercussions.

However, telling jokes and making comments in a community setting actually DOES have social consequences in the real world. If I overheard someone at a bar making a joke about raping one of the women in the bar, I would feel unsafe and uncomfortable. I would have to ask whether it was merely a joke, of if it was actually a sign that I was in danger in my environment. If the person making the joke made it to a particular person, I would assume that they were threatening that person, and I would bring in someone with authority to remove the person making the joke.

"Jokes" about rape aren't funny, just as "jokes" about beating up minorities and LGBTQ people aren't funny -- they constitute a form of hate speech that is meant to menace and intimidate their target. Shrugging off violent, abusive language as simply a "rude joke" that should be tolerated trivializes rape survivors' ordeals; it makes them, and all women and people vulnerable to rape feel that they aren't welcome, and that no one would protect them if someone were to try and harm them. Likewise, defending this form of hate speech on Facebook sends the same message to users who want to feel safe and welcome while using Facebook to communicate with friends, colleagues, and family.

I am asking you to sign this petition today to remind Facebook that they are responsible to their community of users. If you don't tolerate hate speech against minorities, why do you tolerate, and worse yet, DEFEND hate speech against women? Please listen to your users, and actively enforce your community standards. Take down "rape humor" pages.

Letter to
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook
Dear Facebook,

You have heard from over 200,000 Facebook users in previous petitions that we don't want Facebook to make apologies for hate speech in the guise of humor. "Jokes" about rape are not "humor" or "satire" because they aren't funny -- they're threatening, they're cruel, and they trivialize rape survivors' experiences. They are a way of making women and populations vulnerable to rape feel unsafe and unwelcome.

When you choose to let hate speech against women and rape survivors stay in place, you are sending a message to Facebook users: you are sending the message that pages like "You know she's playing hard to get when you're chasing her down an alleyway" are funny and acceptable ways of discussing violent crimes. Is this a message that you want to send to your users? Remember that anyone with a Facebook account can access these pages, including millions of teenage users.

Facebook, being a private corporation, is able to choose what types of speech are and aren't protected within its pages. You remove pages that contain hate speech towards LGBTQ people, ethnic minorities, and other groups who so often are on the receiving end of threats and violence. Please recognize that women deserve not to be targeted by hate speech as much as any other group of people using Facebook.

For so many of us, Facebook is our community. We use it to communicate with friends, colleagues, and family. Please help make sure that it is a space where everybody can feel safe and welcome. Enforce your community standards against hate speech to include hate speech that targets women, rape survivors, and populations vulnerable to rape; ban rape "humor" pages.

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