End Tiger Selfies

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The best thing we can do for wild tigers is to leave them be. Wild tigers can be enjoyed without any human interaction. Sadly not everyone agrees with this philosophy. There are people who see wild tigers as a selfie prop.

In order to take the selfie, the animal has to be drugged, chained, and or beaten into submission. The places that offer the photo opportunity are guilty of the worst animal abuses. The animals are acquired through illicit means, more often than not from the illegal wildlife trade. Female tigers are forced to pump out babies in order to supply the demand for more tigers. One place in Thailand stored tiger cubs in nothing more than clay jars. The poor cubs endure the harsh elements with hardly any space to move. The cubs are separated from their mother and forced to interact with humans in order to build up a tolerance.

After years of being used as a photo prop, the Tigers are killed for parts. Those who still have some life left are sold off to private owners as pets. The tiger is a majestic animal, it deserves to be free not chained up for the amusement of tourists. The only home for the tiger is and will always be the wild jungle.

Tinder which had an epidemic of people posting tiger selfies have banned the practice. It is a step in the right direction, other social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram needs to follow suit. Please sign and share to urge the others to ban this inhumane practice.

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