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Enable Stefani "Delia Melody" Dexaeris' Facebook

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Hi. My name is Barbara Koha, more popularly known as Zeigha Flareon on Delia Melody’s YouTube channel. Her private Facebook’s under her real name Stefani Dexaeris have all had repeated reports on a “fake name”. Her name is in fact real, and given she hasn’t changed her ID just yet(because for SOME reason a name change for a Transwoman is $500 in a court). Her ID still has her dead name that she was assigned at birth along with her false gender. That name comes with a LOT of trauma, given that her assigned last name is the same as some of her biggest abusers(her family: Physical and sexual abusers) who have repeatedly repressed her gender from the ages of 3-27 when she could not take it anymore, and ended up getting beaten and tossed into a hospital for daring to be who she is. Since then she has made a name for herself by being a loud trans rights advocate and has even written on the Huffington Post, but she is still getting harassed by cissexist folks everywhere for just existing as herself. Facebook, having “updated” policies specifically to be a bit more sensitive to trans folks, specifically transwomen’s needs in environments that grow increasingly hostile towards transwomen. This is 100% unacceptable. If they want to continue to appear to have fixed their trans policies, then they need to actually practice what they preach and get this shit on the ball. I as her cute poly waifu am absolutely done with seeing folks harass her, and if you are too, please sign this petition.

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