Empower Yourself, Love Yourself, Forgive Others, Recycle, Be Healthier, Change the World

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By signing this, it is a Petition against your old habits, to stop spending more hours at work and spend more time with your loved ones and family. To stop using plastic, to eat more healthy foods, to exercise more. To Love more and Forgive more often. Signing this Petition means your wanting a change against your old habits, no longer will you deny yourself your dreams and the minute you sign, you are telling everyone including yourself, your standing for Change. You are becoming the best Version of yourself, more Loving, more Forgiving, a better father and mother, a better student and a better Person. By signing this you are agreeing to take better care of the planet and all it's Beings and to be a better Human. When you write your details down, you are saying that if you see a stranger in peril, you will help them and you will help others every opportunity that arises. The movement has already started. Take more time for yourself and reconnect. My name is Malcolm Wakeley and I am standing for Change, sign this against your old self and stand with me while we make a better world for everyone. The World needs Hope and it needs you to Stand Up for Change

Be the very Best Version Of You.

God bless every single soul that signs this petition