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DENOUNCE Facebook's BANNING Policy

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Facebook BANS Christians for practicing FREEDOM of SPEECH that the liberals at Facebook do not like.  Yes, they are a private company.  But REAL Americans are putting Facebook on notice.  CHANGE or go the way of MySpace.

Facebook allows FILTHY, vile, offensive pictures and posts from the LBGTQetc. "community" including (and it is documented) photos of children looking at homosexuals exposing themselves... posts with THREATS and mockery toward Christians.  YET, Facebook bans Christians, constantly and consistently, for 30 days at a time for saying things (not containing personal threats) that are simply "offensive" to LIBERALS.

Tell Facebook that you are SICK of them pushing their ideology down our throats and punishing those of us who oppose their agenda (and their LIE claiming to not have an agenda).  Tell this PRIVATE company that if they do not stop they ANTI-CONSERVATIVE and ANTI-CHRISTIAN abuse, we are prepared for mass exodus as new social media platforms are developed (such as and FreedomVine).

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