Demand Instagram ends censorship of alternative voices online via Shadow-Banning.

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Social media has been silencing alternative voices online with algorithms that filter their content and users indiscriminately. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have been, and continue to be, the top Media organizations which have partaken in this active censorship of conservative ideals through shadow-banning. During a shadow-ban (Instagram), one's posts are made essentially invisible to accounts which are not already following the accounts which the post belongs to. The posts will not show up under hashtags if viewed through non-follower accounts and will be unable to make it on explore pages. These actions make it close to impossible for accounts under a shadowban to increase their following, in effect, silencing their voices. We ask Instagram to recognize shadow-banning, an act which has affected thousands of conservative accounts, many of which have no idea what action lead to their shadow-ban. We also ask that when accounts fall under a shadow-ban, they are made aware of why they have been put under a shadow-ban, and how long it will last. This underhand censorship is a blatant attack on our First Amendment rights granted to us by the Bill of Rights. This censorship is equal to those carried out by authoritarian regimes, serving the same purpose and having the same effect. This can, and must not be allowed in the United States of America. We ask for change, we ask for recognition.