Defence studies # make mandatory in academic curriculum

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India transforming itself the dominating military power among the Sharks , Our Military & Strategic affair becomes the largest stakeholder in the world . We immensely enriched with natural resources and carried the legacy of great ancient history.

But who we are ? we are Kashmiri,Punjabi,Bihari,Marathi,Marwari,Bengali,Tamilian,Malayali,Telugu and then an Hindu, a Muslim, a Sikh, a Christian, a Jain, a Buddhist, its our integral rights to burn vehicles, vandalising public property,blocking roads & railways,paralysing whole country demanding 'Quota' in Govt. jobs under the grab of upliftment, we need life-long salary without doing any work.

The day would not be so far when indeed we would become a collection of polarised states as some regional & parochial anti-national politicians want..The Indian Army/Navy/Air force are the only adhesive holding the geographic entity of India together both in War & peace (collapse of civil administration in maintaining law & order/ natural calamities)

 Build the nation follow the saviours, make sincere study and physical curriculum what they do. 

 Its time to fight back Always say "I am Indian"  be the strong spine of nation .

Jai Hind .