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Dear Facebook, please reform your reporting rules to be less punishing for closed groups

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I'm creating this petition to call on facebook to change it's policy on reporting people for closed groups. I am a member of an ever growing page for mostly people in the region I live in to express their opinions, whether they be good or bad, called The Rant and Rave Public. This page and it's moderators do an amazing job of fomenting a group where free speech is the bedrock of the pages success, and it has gotten to the size that it's even had a social impact where we live quite a few times. It's an open forum to express ideas, post funny or edgy material, or even use social media to let the truth about something out.  The problem we have been having way too much of is with the edgy material. As the group has gotten bigger, there has been a huge issue with either vengeful people or just plain trolls reporting pictures that are within the rules of the group, but sometimes not within facebooks rules. These reporters are not using the function for any safety or moral reason...they are simply being vengeful, or in some cases not reading the simple mission statement of the group that states there is very little censorship and that it is a room for people age 18+.

The problem I, and many other group members have with this, is that the creator and administrators of the page do a great job of screening people that want to join to make sure they are the proper age for the subject material. I am guessing we are not the only group of this nature dealing with this problem. It would be very easy for facebook to fix this problem. Even something as simple as emailing/messaging admins of closed groups when something gets reported, and by whom it was reported. Then, the admins of the page would be able to decide if it is something that should be too vulgar for their own page, and deal with it how they see fit.

If you agree or sympathize with this, please take the time to sign this petition. Administrators that take the time to run a page shouldn't have to use up their free time dealing with witch hunts to find out who screwed who because of some past issue. If a reporter is willing to report something they think is too much even for an adult page, then they should also be willing to state their name and case to the people who run the page.

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