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Create An Option For Users to Report Sexual Violence and Hire More Staff To Review Abuse Reports

Yesterday, I read a post on Facebook that contained detailed instructions - from a man claiming to have direct experience - on how to rape a child without killing her. 

This was in response to the death of the eight year old Yemeni "bride" who died from internal injuries after being raped by her 40-year-old husband on their wedding night.

I immediately reported this post to Facebook, but Facebook's reporting feature doesn't have an option to report sexual violence, so I was forced to report this under their sexually explicit option.

Further, my request was almost immediately denied, which tells me that no live person actually reviewed my request. Had a live person rather than a bot reveiwed a request to remove a post detailing how to rape children, I have absolutely no doubt that the post would have been immediately removed.

This isn't the first time I've come across material on Facebook that doesn't fit into it's "neat" little boxes of how to report things, and it's definitely not the first time that something vile I've reported has not been removed. 

It is time for Facebook to understand that its users will not tolerate content such as this on its platform. That we demand a mechanism to accurately report such abuse, and that we demand that LIVE individuals to review our reports in order to ensure that our complaints are taken seriously.

Please join me in calling on Facebook to bring more accountability to its community.

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