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Create A Post Block Appeal System So People Can Appeal Unfair, Algorithm Based Postblocks

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Millions use Facebook everyday so it makes sense that Facebook would use an automatic/algorithm system to weed out "inappropriate" content. However, as I and many others are probably aware of, this system is flawed and often things that aren't explicit in anyway (no nudity, gore etc) get flagged and result in post blocks. On top of this, the system limits free speech and fair opinion (while somehow passing on hate speech posts) by allowing others to report something simply because they don't agree with it and this broken algorithm then delivers a block. I've seen in some situations even where posts that are nonsensical get flagged and blocked which makes absolutely no sense.

This wouldn't be as big of a problem if Facebook allowed appeals and the chance to be unblocked. However, despite being in charge of the system that creates these blocks, Facebook claims they cannot reverse them, as shown in this screenshot from their help center:

Now this makes absolutely NO SENSE. You can't expect anyone to believe that the tech nerds behind the biggest social media site on Earth wouldn't have some expectation that such a large system may have bugs now and then, so why purposefully make it impossible to fix the mistakes created by these bugs?

Facebook is free to use, but they still make money of us through things such as ad revenue and therefore we are CUSTOMERS and deserve proper CUSTOMER service.

While it isn't realistic to expect Facebook to completely replace their flagging system with human minds, but it's time that they at least create a proper system that allows appeals which are viewed by human beings who can remove post blocks if posts are seen as objectively inoffensive, and one that also properly identifies the post in question that was flagged. Every single time I've been given a post block, Facebook failed to identify what it was that got me blocked.

Of course, it may be difficult to define was is objectively offensive but common sense would tell us that explicit violence or promoting hate speech/symbols would be among this and when text posts are being appeal, the context of each post should be observed as well.

Facebook makes a fortune off of each and every one of us and it's time to stop punishing us unfairly without giving us a way to defend ourselves.

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