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facebook, craigslist, hoobly and their users: stop allowing animal sales except adoptions from 501c3 rescue organizations

this is important because dogs and cats are being flipped and over bred while shelters and actual rescue organizations are being constantly pushed to their limits with unwanted animals.

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Please stop allowing animal sales except adoptions from 501c3 rescue organizations. Facebook groups, Craigslist and Hoobly have become an instrument of torture and misery for so many dogs and cats within the past 2 years. People who have an unwanted pet for one reason or another are being lied to be other people known as flippers. A flipper will get a dog or cat for free or a very small amount, giving the previous owner a sob story about money or a child and promising to give the animal a loving forever home, only to turn around and try to sell that same animal to make a profit. while the flipper has possession of the animal, the dog or cats welfare is of no concern to the flipper. dogs go without food or water. cats go without human interaction. dogs are left in cages and crates crammed together with other dogs the flipper has acquired and receive no vet care. some flippers take in an animal with the intent on breeding it for profit. one case i know of: a friend of mine found an ad for full bred siamese kittens. when he arrived, he noted the horrendous condition of the house (although the breeder had wanted to meet at a public place) and the transaction was quick because the breeder had things to do and my friend felt sorry for the kitten so he wanted to pay for it and get it to a vet. what he got was a half breed, probably a case of a flipper getting a siamese cat and breeding with any cat available to get a profit quickly in their pocket. there is also a rash of backyard breeding that needs to come to a stop. people are breeding whatever dogs they can find, sometimes two a pair of the same breed but many times creating their own "designer" breed to try and make a profit. these dogs get little to no socialization, rarely have any medical treatment and ultimately usually end up back on these sites trying to be sold or given away or at a dog shelter. this is no way for an animal to live! I am simply asking that all adoptions/rehoming be done by either a 501c3 animal rescue or through the dogs respective breed page of the akc website. i am asking that anyone who would violate these terms be punished to the full extent of the law and of course their account(s) be deleted. i would also like for any animal that is rehomed either be altered (spay/neutered) or a deposit is made with the rescue organization until altering has been done. Dogs are dying in shelters everyday across this country and cat shelter have been over stuffed for a long time, most unable to take in any new cats. These pages are negatively affecting not only the animals who suffer but the people who fight for them and i ask that these changes be made or pet sales be banned altogether.

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