Content filtering to reduce communal tensions on Social Media.

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Hi Mark / Jack, 

Social media has indeed given a lot of benefits to us and has made world look smaller to us, however there are some cons associated with them as well, due to no content filtering or monitoring at the social media websites it's leading to a lot of communal tensions amongst different communities.

Although social media websites have the mechanism to report these kind of profiles but this seems to be more of post it has done the damage and sometimes very late in the game.

These social media websites should be responsible themselves to avoid these kind of situations, on a high level solution that is there in my mind is to for these websites to build the content monitoring for their websites by using some kind of algorithm where the few keywords should be defined and there should be a scanning of the entire databases on the daily basis and remove these profiles or comments being posted, the key words which can be used to find these kind of profile and remove them, I know it's not that easy but we need to find a solution around it as banning of social media is not a solution but the content filtering should be mandate.

This will indeed make world a better place to live and will help to kick out these unwanted people from the social media.

thanks and regards

Ahmed Haqqani.