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Make Facebook Address Hate Speech Directed at Non-binary and Trans Individuals

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Over the years, Facebook has made attempts to confront bullying and hate speech on their platform. At first glance it appears that they takes hate speech seriously. They outline what is and not acceptable and have made reporting hate speech easier. However, my personal experience is hate speech that targets the LGBTQI community tend to get ignored and written off as the offending party being sensitive. Anyone who has reported a post referring to them as a homo/he-she/sissy/faggot/it knows that this is the response you get:

"Thanks for your report - you did the right thing by letting us know about this. We looked over the comment, and though it doesn't go against one of our specific Community Standards, we understand that it may still be offensive to you and others. No one should have to see comments or posts they consider hateful on Facebook, so we want to help you avoid things like this in the future.
From the list above, you can block [name] directly, or you may be able to unfriend or unfollow them. If you unfollow them, you’ll stay friends on Facebook but you won’t see their posts in your News Feed.
We know these options may not apply to every situation, so please let us know if you see something else you think we should take a look at. You may also consider using Facebook to speak out and educate the community around you. Counter-speech in the form of accurate information and alternative viewpoints can help create a safer and more respectful environment."

Facebook also has a good front of displaying an anti-bullying resource page, as well as; a well written blurb on making sure everyone feels free to express themselves in public forums. However, they do nothing to discourage forms of hate speech that their reviewers may not find offensive. It seems that the review process is more up to the individual reviewing it rather than upholding the values of weeding out bigotry.

Blocking offending parties (which I do) does nothing to discourage that abuse being directed at another target, nor does it discourage others from participating in that hate speech. No one should be afraid to express themselves online simply because a platform doesn't enforce their own rules.
If you or anyone you know has experienced a form of hate speech that was not taken seriously by Facebook, please sign and share the petition to encourage them to take these kind of comments more seriously.

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