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Stop deleting our cosplay accounts

People work hard on their cosplay costumes and have a large number of fans. I know people who are photographers and just watched them lose all of their work due to Facebook deleting cosplay accounts. I have seen friends work hard for hours on end from scratch to make their cosplay on the budget that they have, whether its big or small, only to see their accounts deleted that they proudly worked on. Deleting someone's cosplay account makes those individuals feel as if all the work they put into it was for nothing. Cosplayers are not just a "group" of people. We are friends, all of us, we are brothers and sisters who enjoy the same interests. By deleting these accounts, Facebook is harming its social community more than helping it. As a cosplayer myself, I put time and effort like the rest of us, to perfect our costumes. I ask that Facebook stop deleting cosplay accounts. What is done about cyber bullying? I myself had recently been hacked by an individual and from it, I lost friends, family and my relationship. What was done about it once I reported who did it? Nothing. Recently a fellow friend of mine found a pedophile on Facebook who had pictures of children nude or semi nude. We reported the page and again what happens? Nothing. Yet innocent cosplayers pages are being deleted with little to no cause. We are not impersonating any real persons. Being in cosplay is a safe zone for some of us who have no self esteem and can be comfortable around others. Again, WE ask Facebook to stop deleting these accounts that people work so hard on for hours on end. This is doing more harm than good.

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