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Children under 12yrs old ride for FREE on the Barrie, Ontario Transit!

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Hi! I am starting this petition in order for The City of Barrie (Ontario, Canada) to change the rules about children 12yrs of age and under to ride the City Transit for FREE! There are so many families in this city that are in Poverty and living pay check by pay check! Myself and my family for example! My family and I live on ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) along with Child Tax (Some call it Baby Bonus) I rely on those 2 checks to live and survive! Paying $3 for an adult is fair enough! But children who travel with their parents, guardian, baby sitter, etc under the age of 12 should not have to pay ADULT FARE! Which is another $3! So if you have 2 children and you go out when them that is $9 just to get to where you are going! Then another $9 to get home! That is $18 just to take a trip out and back home!

Toronto, Ontario is smart! Their Bus System is set up to where children under 12yrs of age Ride the buses for FREE! Why must we have to pay! There are way too many people that could use that extra money that they wouldn't have to pay for their child(ren) to take the bus! That extra money can get that family another extra mean on the table and into the bellies! Specially with Minimum Wage that just got raised to $14/hr! That means the cost of everything else is going to go up! Even bus fair! By next summer The City of Barrie will probably raise the price to take the bus to $3.50 or even $4!

I am starting this Petition so it can get handed into The City Of Barrie! To show them that their $3 (adult fare) for children is out right ridiculous! If this petition gets enough people to sign it they will open meetings and actually start to change this stupid nonsense!

So PLEASE! If you agree with this please share and sign! Even if you Drive and rarely/don't bus! Let's get The City Of Barrie to make life easier for EVERYONE!!! Not just for me, a friend, a loved one, for EVERYONE!! Let's get this community together and sign this and show The City of Barrie that they NEED to change this! Let's show them that people in this City have a voice and want to be heard! I know 100% that I am not the only one to agree on this subject! Let's see if we can get 2000 votes! Share and Sign!

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