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Change real/legal name Facebook policy.

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Currently, Facebook's policy on using your real name or legal name is unwavering.  Accounts are being disabled with no warning for using alias' (stage names, pen names, etc). To be able to get the account reactivated, Facebook requires various forms of ID including but not limited to: drivers license, bank statement, social security card, household bills, or subscriptions.  Any of which hold personal information on them many people do not wish to divulge. These documents wouldn't contain a pen name, Nick name, alias, etc. There is no way to prove one of these names. People use them for various reasons, some yes are nefarious, some of which being domestic violence, sexual assault, religious, gender, sexuality, etc. Facebook is forcing people to put themselves out there for a potentially dangerous situation or associating a job that needs to be kept separate. Their go to? Create a page.  That's not the answer to this problem.

Facebook is a social media platform, not a government website. There is no reason what so ever to have Facebook request government ID or some other document showing a person's full name, address, birthday, etc. 

I spent all day going back and forth through email about an alias account that I had not even finished setting up being disabled with no warning or notification.  I never got an answer for why it was disabled and when I wouldn't give legal documentation (because I couldn't) and gave them a picture of my face, profile name, real name, birthday and even included pistol permit that's in date and fishing license, they closed the case without another word. I promptly reopened it very disgruntled.  Thoroughly fed up, I even tried a whole new account and before I could type in the verification code in my email, I was locked out.  

I run a vampire court in my area, and we deal with a good bit on social media, but I need to keep it separate from things like family, thus the need for the alias not associated with my personal account.  My situation is minor in comparison to others out there.  I'm a rape survivor myself so I understand the fear of that person finding you and stalking you. Others can't let family know they are gay or transgender. Some people are running from domestic violence.  But Facebook doesn't care. They just want your real name with legal documentation.  

This has got to change.

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