Change Name of This-is-Lebanon fb page - Their cause is noble but their name is Vengeful

Change Name of This-is-Lebanon fb page - Their cause is noble but their name is Vengeful

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Saad Chakra started this petition to Facebook and

We strongly believe that many of you will find the request in this petition fair and reasonable.

If you do then please:

  1. Sign this petition to show that you disapprove of the name of the facebook page "This Is Lebanon" because it shames our homeland and every Lebanese;
  2. Share this petition on Social Media and encourage your friends to sign it and share it;
  3. ALSO please like and follow the facebook page whose name we are objecting to because it is the duty of everyone of us to support their noble cause which defends the rights of domestic workers and other foreigners in Lebanon from the lax system and from the inhumane employers: (visit the page if you are not aware of what is happening to many domestic workers)

We support their cause:
The cause of the page is noble; it aims at fighting crimes against and inhumane treatment of domestic workers in Lebanon which has been happening for a long time and which is shameful. That is why we are asking you to follow their page and like it. It is the least one can do. You may wish to support them further depending on your ability and means. Many Lebanese in Lebanon and around the world oppose and condemn what is happening and support human rights. Many are against racism and many have been displaced and are suffering from racism where they settled.

We tried to speak to them:
Before we decided to petition we communicated with the page and explained at length our point of view. At the beginning an administrator told us that they are too busy following cases; eventually they responded but clearly said they do not want to change the name of the page.
Later other followers of the page wrote on our facebook page aggressively and we were subjected to more than one personal verbal attack by zealous supporters of the cause. We tried to explain that being vengeful and aggressive does not help the cause and questioned why they are being vengeful against everyone, those who support them and those who don't. We were not attacked because we tried to defend our name!

However, the name "This Is Lebanon" is at least UNFAIR
It directly targets and harms our dear Lebanon and every Lebanese. It is wrong and unfair to sum up a whole nation using one of its shortcomings. Lebanon is a whole nation and [ This is Lebanon ] is a generalisation which touches all of us, including you, me and anyone who is Lebanese, from a Lebanese descent or has Lebanese dear friends or relatives.

The name as it stands is mass punishment and unfairly shames
     * every Lebanese who is trying to incur change towards making Lebanon a decent place to live in; this includes you and your colleagues; these good activists are also Lebanon;
     * the Lebanese poor who never could afford a domestic helper and who feel that their voices are not heard due to the regime; these have nothing to do with what is happening and can do nothing about it - those are also Lebanon;
     * the descendants of the Lebanese who live abroad and already stereotyped as racists by racists! These are also Lebanon;
     * those of the us who tried their best to incur change but who were defeated by the conservatives who wanted to keep the status quo and who outnumbered and out-financed us. This group includes those who found themselves choosing self imposed exile.
       We disapprove of mass punishment and we will not accept it against us or others 

We disapprove of self-hate and self shaming:
Our point of view regarding the Lebanese who support the cause, that they should not resort to self-hate or succumb to feelings of guilt. You don't help the cause by self hate and self shaming.

In Summary
           The statement This Is Lebanon is a generalisation; no nation in the world can be judged by some of its people's faults. There is much more that can be told about every nation.
           Our view is that NO THIS IS NOT LEBANON - Change the name.  The name This is Lebanon is wrong because the shaming it implies includes the good and the innocent.
           We would like the page administrators to change the name; our message to them is: Adjust the name so it reflects fairly your beliefs and focuses on the cause not on hurting us.

         Lebanon has enough problems:

  • A famine is looming;
  • A civil war may start any time;
  • The economy has collapsed and people are now living in poverty, a number have committed suicide because they can't make the ends meet;
  • The basic services such as electric power do not exist anymore which is leading to deaths of patients who need to be put on Oxygen and other patients,
  • The Lebanese are suffering the COVID-19 pandemic with poor means;
  • And Lebanon's existence is being threatened. 

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