change facebook policy on blanket removing content on airsoft, toy guns and Gelball

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I believe that certain content does not belong on Facebook. with various jurisdictions having very different laws on firearms I can appreciate they can't be sold of facebook. however I have seen various fan pages and content removed from facebook in what I see as a direct campaign against things that are not actually firearms. if the airsoft community want to share footage of they sport it should be allowed. if they want to talk about for to fix a toy gun that should be allowed. I can understand a policy on controlling the buying and selling but it seem an algorithm is piling up pictures of toys and banning users, shutting down groups and pages with no human review. the admin and user need a right to be treated fairly and have the decision reviewed by a HUMAN. these are toys worldwide for goodness sake. humans should have the right to review or face their accuser in terms of natural justice, Facebook has taken that away on the platform. 


I ask facebook to add a category for pages/groups defining them as an assort/toygun page. with better moderation from the facebook side as a trial and if it works to make it a full time feature. As part of this trial I ask for community consultation with industry leaders