Change Facebook live now!

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Over this past long 4th of July a lady named Debra Denise Lyons posted a Facebook live video of the wreckage on I-85 in Franklin County Ga that killed 7 people. In her videos she showed not only the wreckage, the people rushing to help but the bodies of those in the vehicles. Facebook live is great when used properly but when being used to show such a horrible event as well as this kind of disrespect, it should never be used. What I’m wanting to be seen done is this, if someone posts a Facebook live video that knowing could show death of another person or if it shows such and they don’t remove it within 15 min of posting then that person should be banned from Facebook and face charges if they are ever found to have another Facebook account in another name. This female stated in her video that she should not be videoing this but she continued to do so, knowing her page was not private. Before it was taken down it had multiple shares and had made it to thousands of views. The graphic nature of her post alone should have been enough for Facebook to shut it down but it took many reports on viewers ends to have it removed. Including some post directed to Ms Lyons to remove it. Ms Lyons claims she deleted it hours after it was originally posted but Facebook should have removed it way before that.  Facebook won’t allow us to post videos of our events that have music within them, won’t allow us to post hunting videos or live hunting moments but will allow her to post a live video of dead bodies in vehicles as 7 people lost their lives while 3 more were fighting to keep theirs. It’s bad enough we lost these lives and EMS, Fire And Police have to see this... Facebookland should never. Those in public service can never take pictures of accidents, esp if people or bodies on sceneand bystanders should have the same laws placed on them but the very least we can do is try and stop them from being on Facebook.