Change Facebook Legacy Policy

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 On September 12, 2016, my daughter Ricquelle at 23 years old passed away.
In my time of mourning, I often turned to her Facebook page to remember the funny, sarcastic loving daughter she was. I wasn’t the only one, and I knew I would want to use her page to continue to celebrate her life. My daughter used the Facebook legacy option before she died.
My daughter was involved in a very abusive relationship with a man that was dealing drugs, she was leaving him. Yet his family & his friends post on her Facebook regularly and taunt our family. I have reported these facts to Facebook to only be told of their legacy policy or the remove the post, yet not the person.  Once an account has been memorialized the appointed legacy account holder cannot delete posts, friends or have access to the account. I feel this defeats the reason for choosing a legacy for your account when you pass. Facebook’s legacy option allows users to name a person who has access to your Facebook page after you pass. My daughter choose me as her legacy yet it gives me to way to control her Facebook. Now I am now grieving for my daughter and fighting Facebook to grant me access to her account. To stop the harassment and torment of parties that have decided to use HER Facebook as a way to hurt me and family members. We report them, they block us yet continue to write on her Facebook.
I have every intention to keep her memory alive through his Facebook page, sharing memories and pictures with her friends and family. Yet how can you do this when Facebook will not allow me control to my own daughters page when she named me her legacy This is wrong. She was my daughter and I'm legally her next of kin and head of her estate. Unless there is a change, what happened to me could happen to you. Shouldn’t the person that you pick to control your page if you were to die be able to do this?
Changing this policy would provide me access to my daughters account and prevent situations like this from arising in the future.
Don't let what happened to me happen to you! Let Facebook know they need allow the Facebook users choice of legacy to control their account friends, posts and settings.