STOP MLM ( Multi Level Marketing ) companies reps from posting on Facebook and Twitter.

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STOP MLM companies reps from posting on Facebook and Twitter. Shut their accounts and Facebook pages down. Fine those who post. Facebook groups are being saturated with posts from reps of those companies.
MLM companies have already been banned from some business event here in the UK.
Check the following link, please...
They promise a life changing...they promise a wealthy life...they attract the people with misleading informations and fairytale conventions. They don't tell the people about the reality behind those promises. They play on people's weaknesses and make them believe they can make a living just by selling their products. In the UK, women appear to be the most targeted. As stated in several articles about MLM, 99% of the people joining looses money...Chances of failing are much higher than chances of succeeding.Please stop those reps from catching the naive into their nets.
Please, check film documentary "Betting on Zero"...Also check the following Q&A video about MLM and the documentary above mentioned with actor Alce Baldwin, director Ted Braun and investor Bill Ackman