Brooklyn Burger Penrith to remove advertising which is offensive to the allergy community

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We are petitioning Facebook requesting the removal of an advertisement posted by Downtown Brooklyn Penrith on 20 August 2019 promoting Reeces Bowl desserts at their restaurant.  Their use of the the following wording is overtly offensive to members of the community who have severe food allergies:

"Get those Epipen's ready, because it is going to be worth it...This giant Reese's Piece is sure to get the heart sure screams, get me to the hospital ASAP!"

The advertisement is a deplorable attempt to obtain traction via social media at the expense of the food allergy community.  This is not acceptable and should be removed immediately to prevent the proliferation of this content which reinforces erroneous community opinion that food induced anaphylaxis is something which can be taken lightly.  This is a serious life threatening condition which impacts the lives of thousands on a daily basis.  It is incumbent on Facebook to send a message to it's users - this form of advertising cannot, and will not, be tolerated.