Bring back tripleonegiveaways on Instagram

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@tripleonegiveaways, an instagram page that promotes kindness and "giving back" was disabled due to unknown reasons. The page has gathered over 5,000 followers in a span of 2 weeks and distributed over $20,000 worth of goods to its followers. Possibly one of the only real giveaways page on instagram. After numerous emails between Facebook and I, Facebook chose not to re-enable the account. We've seen so many accounts that post nudes and don't follow instagram policies get their accounts back, but what makes this account so bad? Let me tell you! Kindness! That Facebook employee who made this decision really did not make the right decision. It is time for all of us, to stand up and let Facebook know how we feel about that decision. P.S. Facebook owns Instagram. Sign this petition to help bring the account back online.