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Bring back the Warriors for Christ page

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On December 29, 2017 Facebook decided to unpublish the Warriors for Christ page at the behest of some lgbt activists.

Facebook has a notorious reputation for censoring Christians and Conservatives alike and use their perception o and their definition of hate speech to try and silence people.

This is Facism pure and simple. Whether you like or agree with Warriors for Christ is not the issue here. The issue is the censorship of Christians.

Warriors for Christ is a controversial entity who regularly stands in opposition to the lgbt agenda, however Warriors for Christ has never threatened nor called anyone a derogatory name or anything of the sort. 

The lgbt community has been actively trying to shut down the ministry page for well over 6 months. You may remember the lgbt sent fecal matter to the Pastor's home. They keyed his car, they threatened to put a bullet in his head, they sent gay x rated material to his home with 6 children. 

We are telling facebook to stop banning and censoring Christian Conservatives because of activists who wish to silence opposition. 

Sign the petition today and tell facebook facism will not stand

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