Bring Back the "PRIDE" React to Facebook

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Dear Facebook,

As a member of the LGBTQ+, I appreciate your dedication for making Facebook a safe and accepting place for everyone to share their lives and feelings with the world. 

I woke up one day and happened to check Facebook during PRIDE month and I think I can speak for everyone whenever I said "This is absolutely beautiful" and started literally pride reacting every single thing, even the hate filled statuses. The best way to combat hate is with love. Love will always win because thats what its all about. 

When I noticed that PRIDE month was coming to a end, I realized something. The pride reaction button was gone and I think it shouldn't be around at certain time periods whenever we celebrate LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and DIGNITY each and every single day, not just during pride month.

Facebook, we have created this petition to bring back the pride reaction for every single user. 

Once again, thank you for your acceptance and continued advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community.


Zachary Mallory, LGBTQ+ Advocate and Human Rights Campaign National Youth Ambassador