Bring back IG Audit

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IG Audit is a free platform I built during independent research in 2018. It estimates any Instagram account's real follower percentage in about 20 seconds - and is used by over 2.3 million creators and brands. It helps creators prove their value when leveraging partnerships, and brands know they're working with authentic creators.

In the midst of this overwhelming support, but with heightened publicity from publishers like Wired, BBC, and Paper Mag, Facebook sent me an abrupt takedown notice to shut down the service. However, as it's helped millions of people, I am compelled to ask for your help in defending what's right. Stand up to Facebook, and voice your belief that social media transparency is important.

Currently, Facebook + Instagram do not offer any service that does the above -- but they were found to take anti-competitive steps against any company they might find threatening. If they are serious about solving their $1.3 billion fake follower problem, then it seems that instead of threatening independent researchers, they should align with services like IG Audit and others.