Bring back Chelseas Flowercrowns

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This petition is being put out there so Facebook can see about helping a buisness owner regain her identity.
2 days ago the buisness page Chelseas Flowercrowns and identity of Chelseas Flowercowns was maliciously hacked. In result of being hacked Facebook deleted these two pages. Chelseas Flowercowns buisness had well over 300000 followers on Instagram. This is Chelseas work, her passion and who she is.
The hacker changed the profile picture to something not of Facebook guidelines.
Please let her be heard because at the moment she is just receiving generic messages back from Facebook about the issue.

This is a post Chelsea tried to get out there yesterday from a seperate account.

So today I had my whole livelihood and identity taken from me. I woke up and my personal Facebook account had been hacked. I had 93 emails from someone trying to change my password... eventually were able to access my personal Facebook. THEY then changed my profile photo to something that is against Facebook guidelines.. Causing my Facebook AND business Instagram to be permanently deleted. I have contacted every authority and made a case I have gone through every avenue but can not get Facebook to contact me,not just send the same msg telling me i have violated terms of use. The only reason this can be posted is because this page has another admin. I have given everything to this business, I have worked ridiculously hard over the years doing markets every single week to build my brand, collaborating, spending hours on end creating each one of a kind piece with my own hands. I have used Instagram to help other artist get their work seen, auctioned multiple crowns off to raise money for multiple different charities.. I am currently working with 'make a wish Foundation' to help make sick little girls feel good for a while. All of my blood sweat and tears went into building this business from scratch and within minutes it's gone. I am 32 weeks pregnant I am having a little girl.. All I wanted to do was show her my life's work, show her she can do ANYTHING it just takes work and have her be proud of me, show her how cool her mum was � I can't explain the heartache I feel to know I now dont have all of my history and achievements to show her. Most of my images are lost.. 378,000 clients and supporters (that I loved) are gone. I made this business to show my art and what I have to offer this world. i have 21 stitches in my head (a large scar) I made this business so people like me are able to wear a crown and feel beautiful. I made this business to be able to make anyone who needs it feel like a damn queen. And NOW all I have is a lost identity and everything I've worked for gone. I ask that you please SHARE the crap out of this post, help me PLEASE get Facebook to contact me.. if you know ANYONE who can help make this right please contact them.. tag them.. email them with my story. I am not ready to give up but please I really need your help ❤�