Block communal posts on social media. Ban users involved in sharing such remarks.

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Dear all,

We are in grave danger. India has become a country where every conversation today has turned communal and the most vulnerable victims of this nauseating mindset are the youth. On social media platforms, particularly on facebook, some politically and fanatically motivated elements are seamlessly spreading communal hate among young people by putting religion as a context in every other incident that happens in this country. When an eight year old girl is raped and murdered, which conscience would allow you to bring communal pretext to it? Have we lost all sense of reason? Please, give it a full stop. This has gone too far. Stop this hate-mongering. I believe it is our responsibility to combat this threat to our social consciousness and I request the respective social media companies to develop an in-built technology that can help keep such hatred away from a platform as powerful as social media. It is also with the vigilance of concerned users that we can take this initiative forward. Network developers and social media experts should come up to tackle this issue. We do have software to detect plagiarism and pornography. Similar algorithms can be coded into these networks to identify keywords every time a user types. Posts with a communal context should be blocked along with the associated user. There is a lot that can be done with will. 

Please do something else nothing will be left to save in this diverse and grand nation. 

Best wishes,

A concerned human being and an Indian