Blasphemous Acts & Contents against The Last Prophet Muhammad P​.​B​.​U​.​H.

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I am from #Pakistan, a dedicated follower of "our beloved PROPHET HAZARAT MOHAMMAD ﷺ, and I am demanding to please block all the pages that are using insulting language about our beloved Prophet Muhammadﷺ, on social media including Facebook, Twitter and other mediums. Put ban on anti Islamic content on print media, TV Channels, Social media that is insulting towards our beloved Prophet Muhammed PBUH the last prophet. We respect all the prophets and all scriptures and a Muslim would never insult or speak ill about any of the prophets nor scriptures. This is part of our faith to believe and respect all scriptures and Prophets. It is extremely hurtful for the Muslims to hear, read or witness any such incidence that happened recently in France where the caricature of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH were shown and discussed in a class by the university professor and despite complaints from Muslim students and many Muslim Parents the matter wasn't handled rightfully that resulted in anger and rage resulting in the killing of that professor by a Muslim student who was later killed by the French police. It is a universal fact for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction which sadly happened. Kindly note we strongly condemn this act of insult later supported on state level by the French Prime minister constantly hurting the Muslim sentiments as this isn't the first time. I Request you to end this for once and all never to happen again as such incidents instigate hate and anger among the Muslims and no one should be allowed regardless what religion they follow to cross limits and hurt a particular cast or religion.

Please respect the emotions of whole Muslims.