Be respectful to the Ocean

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Oceans are threatened by pollution and unstainable fishing methods. Most of our planet is covered in water we depend on the ocean to maintain our rainwater system and many populations rely on it for food and income. Oceans also absorb carbon dioxide and produce about 30% of our oxygen. Help the ocean stay clean by cleaning up after your fun day at the beach If you see trash pick it up and throw it away in the trash cans. Lets keep the ocean clean to make it safe for the fish as well as for us the change starts with us.

Overfishing and unsustainable fishing practice are causing the endangerment and extinction of many fish species. Commercial fishing methods kills or harm fishes that will never be eaten resulting in a massive death on fishes for no real reason. By stopping commercial fishing methods more fishes will risk less extinction.

Keep the ocean safe and clean. Just keep swimming.