Ban violence against animals!

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Success! @facebook has answered our request and is changing its Guidelines!

Dear Followers, More than 600,000 people from 180 countries joined us and made this petition a global animal protection movement. That’s why we could send an unmistakable signal to Facebook. Today I am proud to tell you: Our protest made an impact. Just this week I was checking the guidelines and couldn’t believe what I was reading: Facebook incorporated "violence against animals" in its own Guidelines. This is the old version: Animals weren’t even mentioned by a single word. This is why I started the petition in February. If you check the guidelines today, you will see that - from now on - "violence against animals" is against the rules according to the section "Criminal Activity". The guidelines now say: "We prohibit the use of Facebook to facilitate or organize criminal activity that causes physical harm to people, businesses or ANIMALS, or financial damage to people or businesses." Now we have to keep an eye on Facebook to see if it takes its own guidelines seriously! I've setup the email address where we are going to collect obvious violations of that new rule which aren’t punished by Facebook. How does this work? If you find any content on Facebook that is promoting animal violence and you’ve already asked Facebook to remove it and they don’t react, then you can send a relevant screenshot to that address: United we’re strong! This is a massive victory for us! Thank you so much for engaging and fighting for the animals. Bettina Bergener

bettina bergener
6 years ago