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Ban the eggplant emoji as it is a sign of female oppression and promotes rape culture.

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Picture this; an innocent woman sitting on the couch eating popcorn and watching "Thelma and Louise", when a friend she is messaging sends the eggplant emoji in a sexually explicit manner.  Immediately she feels dirty, like he violated her space.   like she was intellectually violated.

The eggplant emoji is highly problematic.  Why does it even exist?  Obviously it's a sign of the patriarchy, and its only inherent value is to oppress women.

This can't be aloud to continue, Imagine all the women traumatized by the intellectual rape that takes place.  We can't allow this harassment to continue.  We need to act now so other women don't get intellectually violated.

Facebook and other platforms need to remove this emoji.  It is a violent symbol whose only purpose is to oppress and violate women

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