Ban MLM Companies from Advertising and Recruiting on Facebook

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As TikTok has recently banned the promoting of multi level marketing companies, it's high time Facebook follows this example and does the same.

Facebook is commonly used by MLM companies and their representatives as a tool to peddle their inferior and overpriced products and recruit others into their pyramid-like schemes. 

Our inboxes should be a place where family members chat, friends catch up, interesting or entertaining content is shared, and old friends reconnect. NOT a place for unwanted sales pitches. 

Our news feeds should be a place where insightful articles can be read, meaningful photos can be viewed, thoughtful statuses can be read, and entertaining or enriching videos can be watched. NOT a place where desperate pleas to join downlines are read, staged photographs are viewed, and empty promises of financial freedom are made. 

In addition to detracting from the overall user experience on Facebook, MLM companies are destroying the lives of millions of people across the globe. 

The notoriously destructive business model targets vulnerable people with an unfounded yet attractive promise to make money but rather catapults them into further financial difficulties - and encourages them to lead others down this same path. 

On top of the detrimental financial aspect of MLMs, its active members alienate themselves from their friends list, harass other Facebook members, make absurd and untruthful claims about their products, spread false information, and I truthfully attempt to lure others into the same trap. 

Facebook should not support, condone, or permit this predatory business model on its platform. As a social media platform, Facebook should take steps to eliminate the very real risk of its users being sucked into these commercial cults. 

This is a call to ban the promotion of ALL mulit level marketing companies, their products, and their representatives from the Facebook platform. We ask that this call is heard and applied to all other Facebook-owned platforms.

Let's turn Facebook back into a social platform instead of an unsolicited sales platform. 

Facebook, it's officially time to take out the trash.