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Ban Jillian Mai Thi Epperly from Facebook and All Other Social Media

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Jillian Mai Thi Epperly is the creator of an incredibly destructive juice cleanse, often referred to as Jilly Juice. This juice is made by taking cabbage and fermenting it in 16oz of water which contains a table spoon of salt. It is recommended that people drink a full gallon of this every day. The amount of sodium in one gallon of this drink is equal to 12 days worth of sodium at the recommended amount by the FDA. The recommended daily sodium intake is 1500mg, while a gallon of Jilly Juice contains 28,008mg. This level of sodium intake can lead to side effects such as severe diarrhea, which Epperly and her followers refer to as "waterfall movements", and Epperly has led them to believe that it is a sign of parasites leaving the body. Epperly has also recommended that her juice be given to newborn babies in lieu of breastmilk or formula, children, and animals. Multiple photographs and accounts have surfaced of parents forcing their children to consume Jilly Juice, either through syringes, enemas, or mental trickery. People have reported having fevers, seizures, and severe dehydration as a result of this cleanse, but Epperly addresses these claims by saying that all of these are signs that the body is healing from parasites. This cleanse has been directly linked to the death of a man who, following Jillian's advice, consumed nothing but Jilly Juice in an attempt to cure his stage 4 pancreatic cancer. This man was found alone, emaciated, and severely dehydrated, and later died as a result of his injuries caused by Jilly Juice. Epperly dismissed this man's death, stating that he died because he "did not follow her protocol properly". Epperly has many times silenced those who express concern in her group, by simply blocking them and taking away their ability to inform those who follow this protocol of the danger they are in. Those trusted by Epperly, mainly administrators of her Facebook group(Ania Jesiejko in particular), have used fake credentials, claiming to be medical professionals in order to give this protocol the appearance of being legitimate and medically-backed. This protocol is spread entirely through social media, mainly on Facebook. The use of social media is a privilege that is being abused by Epperly to promote a dangerous, lethal protocol in an attempt to boost sales for her upcoming book. I firmly believe that lives will be saved by taking away Epperly's ability to spread this information. 

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