KIIS FM remove Kyle and Jackie-O from the airwaves.

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Kyle and Jackie-O are not only a continually offensive battering ram against your sanity and ear drums, they’re also hypocritical douchebags who took advantage of the ball tampering situation to further their own pathetic radio program’s reach by beating a man when he was down. 

They not only made light of ball tampering, but used the press conference of former Australian captain Steve Smith to promote their own unlistenable programming. 

When they previously worked for Austereo, they targeted great Aussie bands like Frenzal Rhomb for pretty grievances with the purpose of ruining their career. But somehow they think nothing of messing up a key moment in Australian sporting history to promote their own program. So why not hit em where it hurts. KIIS pays them $4million per year (I know right?) and it seems they only think themselves worthy of respect. 

It was not only disrespectful, it sums up the last decade plus of bullshit they’ve subjected us to. It is time for KIIS FM to stop backing assholes and get back on board with Australian music and generally stop being a pile of you know what. 

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