Ask Facebook to change "Religious Views" to "Worldviews" in the About section

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As an Atheist Humanist, I, as most people, have a lot to say when it comes to my worldview. However, my entire paradigm is void of religion. Religion doesn't factor into a single part of my worldview, yet I and the nonreligious are bombarded daily by religious posts and comments, religious legislation, religious stigmas, religious education limitations, religious relationship limitations, etc . . .  I am sure there are many of you reading this right now that are already coming up with 5 more things that I didn't mention in that miniscule list.

My, and Equality's plea is simple, please allow us to describe who we are, whether we have a religion or not, by asking us what our "Worldview" is, not what our "Religious views" are. Because honestly, when I share my views on religion it typically pisses people off. Isn't that kind of negative experience exactly the type of thing that Facebook is trying to move away from these days (per their advertising campaigns and CEO appearances)? As I continue to wrestle with the relationship that I have with Facebook and if I should I continue using their platform as a result of their intentional exploitation of it's users' information, I just can't ignore some of the things that still need to change before Facebook's platform can be welcoming to all people, not just those who identify with a religion. Thank you to Facebook and the worldwide community for being a part of this Change!

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