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This is with regards to the liberty taken by Instagram, to delete Dr. Shomes account(debraj.shome) on the basis of a post expressing his experience with JET AIRWAYS.

Dr.Debraj Shome is an internationally acclaimed, renowned plastic surgeon who has an undisputed reputation of not just being a noble doctor, but a fair, just and a level headed human too. 

But is not just about Dr.Shome,who is a good friend to me. It's a ripple effect.About being in a similar situation for many of us.


Dr. Shome had been struggling with issues at Hyderabad airport with reference to excess luggage (for which he paid) ,no POS, been dragged from pillar to post, undirected,in endless Q's. And to make the day worse was an obnoxious, incapacitated and unfriendly ground staff. We have all been there and relate to this situation.
I thought it's called 'SERVICE' industry. Leave alone a 'WOW' moment for a frequent flyer as him(there goes one more business!). Even the ABC's of 'SERVICE' and 'HOSPITALITY' were absent in this 'GIANT'. I wonder who feeds this 'GIANT'?
If the answer is us....We open another can of worms!


He had merely expressed his grievance regarding the treatment metted by the ground staff.

I have read the post myself and did not find any obscene, inappropriate or ludicrous content. Just an irate customer who was using the social media for awarenesses.

(Yes we are tired of posts of celeb kids potty training issues or vulgarity reinvented everyday.)

But when it comes to calling a 'spade a spade'... Voila..These giants simply delete the account! So if he were to be speaking about it, would they staple his mouth?

I am starting to dig for a new meaning of 'social media' and 'freedom of expression' now.

Also there was no intimation given to him. Leave alone a dialogue ,pre deletion which speaks shabbily of the 'report abuse' feature. Was the post even reviewed? Or one giant blows the other giants trumpet?

I would appreciate if INSTAGRAM would look into the matter and unlock his account. Pls note that someone has taken time to mail regarding this issue as it is unacceptable.

I,( and I am speaking on behalf of many of his followers) would like to have faith restored back in Instagram by reactivating his account.Also an apology from the airline would be a welcome surprise!!!

Please feel free to support if this stirs you. In numbers lies strength. This is not just about a deactivated account. I'm sure none of us thrive on them. It's plainly about someone pulling the chord at their disposal. Unfair!

A petitioner.