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Facebook are KILLING small businesses!

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There are many tens of thousands of small businesses worldwide that rely on Facebook to promote their goods and products. People work extremely hard to attract people to their pages in an effort to sell their goods and make some money to support their already struggling families. Facebook still state that it is 'Free and always will be' but is this entirely true?

Just recently Facebook has changed its algorithm so that less than 10% of your fans see your posts! This has been done in an effort to shift advertisers to their 'pay to promote' strategy which charges people in return for showing their posts to all their fans. This is unfair and blackmail! Facebook has stated that this is stop large amounts of spam from showing up in peoples news feeds, but surely if a person likes a page that means they WANT to see the pages updates.

Now, I completely understand that Facebook is a business and has shareholders that it must satisfy but the current system of bullying people into paying is WRONG! I and many others would be happy to pay a monthly fee to reach all our fans but to make people pay for every post is just too expensive for many small businesses and is not sustainable. All Facebook is going to achieve is push all its small business users on to another platform!

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