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American Gold Star Mother Disrespected

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I just finished reading, where a friend of mine, who has lost one son in the service to this nation, while fighting the war on terrorism: and who has a daughter on active duty? Whose sacrifices have been disregarded and disrespected and tarnished this morning by Facebook.

What transgression or offense of social decorum did this mother commit? Well it seems that adding the notations GSM & BSM after her name? Have invited and inflamed the sensibilities of Facebook's politically correct social monitors.

GSM? & BSM? The two abbreviations that caused Facebook to first lock her account and then removed the designations? Well these abbreviations stand for Gold Star Mom and Bronze Star Mom. Which signify that she has lost a child in the service of this country. And she continues to have another child serving in uniform.

I do not intend to elaborate further, as common sense and common decency should have prevailed to prevent this from ever having been an issue or action taken.

I intend to take a few steps on my own, to insure that facebook is identified and recognized for their actions. Therefore, I am requesting everyone, to post a complaint with Facebook. Concerning their idiotic and insensitive actions against this Gold Star Mother.

Sound off and let Facebook and everyone in your friends list know, how Traci L Dixon-Sockalosky has been treated. This is what Traci posted two hours ago on her account.

"They made me get rid of my Gold Star and my Blue Star...which Baby Socks has been out since June so I guess that ones on me. I actually sent them a redacted copy of Socks Death Cert. and I guess I pissed off the powers that be...because this morning when I had the chance to pop in and see what the goings on where account was locked up like Fort Knox."

I'm off to start a petition and to notify the media. This is not right and this should not be allowed or condoned by any business entity in America.

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