Allow Roleplay accounts on Facebook!

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Roleplaying is a hobby you may have heard of before, you may not have, but it's a hobby that many people of all ages enjoy doing. It is done in all kinds of ways but one of the most popular is online and whilst there are other websites available for roleplayers, many choose Facebook to roleplay on because of its ease of access.

I am one of those people. I have roleplayed for around 3 years on Facebook and have had to remake my account on two occasions because it was deleted for being 'fake'. People who don't roleplay may not understand why it's upsetting to have it deleted, just make another one right? Wrong. Roleplay is not just a hobby to some people, it's a way to make friends, a way to connect with people who like the same thing as them and a way to express themselves and when that is suddenly taken away without warning then it hurts a lot.

I understand the rules for Facebook and why they're there but what I ask is that you (Facebook) find a way to make it so that roleplayers can continue to safely and securely remain on your site without threat of being deleted, whether that be by adding a feature during sign up to claim that the account is specifically for roleplay or something else but me and many other roleplayers would greatly appreciate that.

Thank you

-Jess and the Facebook Roleplay community

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