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Allow next of kin access to a deceased family member's Facebook account.

My wife suffered from a terminal illness that she had her entire life. When she was near passing she made videos that were privately posted to facebook. The goal was that after she passed I would be able to login to her account to access these videos. On February 14, 2014 she passed away after she could no longer battle the illness anymore. When I went to login to her account the account was locked out. I was told it had been memorialized. This state causes no one to be able to login as the deceased person to access the account.


This petition is being created to ask facebook to change their policy to allow the next of kin access to the facebook account that has previously been memorialized.The story about could happen to anyone at any time. We the undersigned want this policy changed.

You can read more on the story of Charles Wachal and his wife by visiting the 13 wham story out of Rochester, NY at

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