Allow ads for Breastfeeding Mums on Facebook!

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Mid July 2018, Facebook appear to have updated their advertising guidelines to identify images of breastfeeding mothers as "promoting sexual or adult products or services" despite late last year coming forward and allowing these images to be posted and shared without consequence.

After endless emails and messages to Facebook to identify why these images are classified as "nudity or sexual content" in their policy, the need for this campaign became very clear - because lingere models are totally acceptable, but a little breast tissue visible while breastfeeding is apparently sexual and shameful.

Businesses, bloggers and the like, should NOT have to continually appeal these guidelines and fight with automated responses, with the view of normalising breastfeeding in the public eye. Particularly when images of bikini clad models who are showing far more skin are considered the social norm.

Breastfeeding is about more than online campaigns, it is every single mother who feels like she has to hide in a bathroom to nurse her baby, and the fact these "community guidelines" don't have a place in 2018.

Normalising breastfeeding starts by images of women breastfeeding becoming a norm, rather than a exception to Facebook guidelines. Breastfeeding images in ad sets do not promote nudity or sexual acts, and shouldn't be categorised as such. 


Please sign and support, if you have ever breastfed, plan to breastfeed, ARE currently breastfeeding, or are just plain outraged by the double standards held for women.