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Facebook: Add Gender Identity to your Hate Speech Protection

Gender Identity is often a phrase left out of Hate-speech and anti-bullying policies. The fact that it is not specifically listed allows companies to claim their support, but at the same time, fail to protect us when it comes to a real time of crisis. Facebook is one organization that has not added Gender Identity to their list of protections, meaning when Facebook pages post pictures like the above, and claim that Transfolk 'Don't actually want to be a female permanently', that 'Deep down we want the option to switch back' and that it's nothing but a fetish, Facebook can turn their back, and defend the group's right to hate speech, as Gender Identity is not protected. Please join me in telling Facebook that this cannot fly, that people varying from the gender binary deserve just as much protection as anyone else, especially when we face our Transgender Day of Rememberance this year with more people reported than any of the last five years. We must tell Facebook that this needs to end, before it becomes much worse than it already is.

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Transgender people, including transsexuals, transvestites, drag queens, and all others not fitting the gender binary deserve the same protections offered to anyone else due to their race, gender or sexuality. According to your policy, gender identity is not deserving of the same protections as everyone else. In order to keep your organization as an organization that supports equality, adding gender identity as a category for hate speech protection is almost a necessity. Please add it so that no one has to undergo unfair scrutiny, hatred and abuse for nothing more than being who they are.

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