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Add a Most Recent button option to Instagram news feed

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Since last year, Instagram has implemented changes that directly affect and hurt small businesses and handmade shops around the world. Small businesses, local artisans and makers work hard to promote their businesses through wonderful social media sites like Instagram, and make these apps popular because of the traffic they bring to it. These people have families to support and bring love and light to so many people they come into contact with through their unique products and business, whether it be locally or online.

Instagram switched their feed from chronological to an algorithmic news feed based on what it thinks the specific user will like. We understand that things will never go back to chronological order, however, Facebook and Twitter both have options for it's users to refresh the news feed with a Most Recent button, and we would like that option to be added to Instagram as well. This new feed does not always truly show the user what they want to see, and many users including myself are not seeing recent posts from pages we love and enjoy on our feed, even when we refresh. Many artists and small shops posts are being completely hidden from it's fans and followers, for reasons unknown, and subsequently causing fans to become upset with individual artisans on Instagram, even though this is not something these small business owners can control.

We love Instagram and do not want to leave the platform, but find that each passing day it becomes more frustrating for users on both sides, we may have to find elsewhere to promote our beautiful creations and services. Please consider adding an option for users to refresh their feeds to Most Recent, so they may continue to see everything their favorite shops, artists, beauty gurus, health and fitness coaches, and friends and family members are posting each day!


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