2 judges order a chico attorney to STOP bad posts about mom fb and courts failing children

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Butte county courthouse in Chico CA has had two judges put two Official court orders in place the second one being more detailed than the first one. they both say there is to be no more nasty bully posts and pictures of me half nude in my back yard tanning and pictures of my son which is not his biological son. I left the marriage because he was a bully to my kids and I and as a mother with a  9 year old daughter we share and my 10 year old son from a previous relationship and my poor kids are being shown this trash at school and this kind of bullying is affecting the kids to the point now that the kids are in termoil not understanding how a dad can be so mean to a mom. Two official court orders in place the second one being more detail than the first one that says NO MORE and has also been orders to remove the trash. This man is an attorney and knows the law and is suppose to be held to a higher standard of law by the state board of California. Due to judges doing nothing after years of seeing it he is enabled to keep the damage going. Facebook Claims it’s against policy yet nothing after multiple complaints and emails to honor their guidelines. Please Let’s join together and start  A precedent that just because you are in attorney does not make you above the law. Bullying and abuse of all forms For the sake of our child and my son Now being bullied at school because of the kids that are showing them their dad’s posts about their mom let’s put an end to people abusing their positions of power! IT STOPS NOW!