धारा 370 हटाओ, देश बचाओ

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Article 370 has given us only grief, deaths and constant conflict.

धारा 370 हटाओ।


The article 370 of the indian constitution grants special status and protection to the state of jammu and kashmir due to which a perception exists in the minds of some kashmiri leaders that the state is their private property and they're there to enjoy the riches at the cost of special status granted by the government of India. They are free to run the states according to their whims and fancies in the absence of any other outside indian as they are not allowed to purchase property and live there. The outsiders also not allowed to work and do business.

As even after 70 years after independence the successive governments have failed to retrieve the disputed land illegally occupied by Pakistan and some of it gifted to China, there's no point in the context of prevailing circumstances to continue the article 370.

Article 370 has been the biggest impediment to integration of J&K State into Indian Union. That it was incorporated in the Indian Constitution by the machination of two individuals – Shiekh Abdullah and Nehru is all the more regrettable. Nehru had to eat the humble pie when he had to arrest the Sheikh for his divisive and anti national stance on 8 Aug 1953 but he did not let go of his concept of keeping J&K a separate entity.


-राव अनूप सिंह बोरली