Face to Face Instruction for Maryland Special Needs Students

Face to Face Instruction for Maryland Special Needs Students

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Virtual learning is not a viable solution for our most vulnerable students who have a range of medical conditions and disabilities that require substantial support and services in order to thrive and succeed.  This includes severely disabled students integrated throughout the school system who are not assigned to "Special Centers." 

While some students on Individualized Education Plans (IEP) may be supported virtually, many like my severely disabled daughter cannot be.  The support and services provided to students under IDEA are not a luxury that can just be suspended.  These supports and services are very much an essential and critical service to our children.

Far too many staff members and parents have put way too much time into IEP’s and fulfilling those IEP’s for our most vulnerable children to be left on hold and regress in their skills and abilities.  Many children will never regain lost skills and abilities and many others will never gain skills and abilities if left on hold.  

We need AACPS (and all Maryland school districts) to provide face to face instruction to provide the education, supports, and services our disabled students require.

We need the Maryland Department of Education, Dr. Karen Salmon to provide more specific directives to the school districts like the directive she issued to close schools so all disabled students can get the education, support, and services they require.  

Just to share one of the medical conditions, here is a video of my daughter showing what Rett syndrome is and some of the challenges: https://youtu.be/OwpYRe1zG0A